“Invest in Your Future Success: The Value of LinkedIn Premium for Students” [2023]

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LinkedIn Premium for students offers a variety of exclusive tools and resources that can help students stand out to potential employers. LinkedIn Premium offers a variety of services that are intended to help students obtain their dream job or internship, including access to additional job posts and internship opportunities as well as direct chat with recruiters and hiring managers.

LinkedIn has developed into a crucial resource for both professionals and job seekers. It is the largest professional networking platform in the world, with over 740 million users spread across more than 200 nations. Although LinkedIn has a free version of its platform, they also offer LinkedIn Premium, a paid service that gives users access to more features and advantages. In terms of job searching and professional development, LinkedIn Premium might be a game-changer for students.

LinkedIn Premium for Students

The ability to know who has viewed their profile is one of the most important advantages of LinkedIn Premium for students. Students can use this tool to their advantage by learning which employers and recruiters are most interested in their profiles. With this knowledge, they can adjust their job search and enhance their profile. In addition, LinkedIn Premium provides discounts on the certifications and courses provided by LinkedIn Learning, which can be a great method for students to expand their skill sets and increase their marketability to future employers.

In this article, we’ll go through the advantages of student premium accounts on LinkedIn in more detail and offer instructions on how to apply. To assist students in deciding whether LinkedIn Premium is the best investment for their particular needs, we will also look at success stories from Premium users and address any potential downsides of the service.

What are the Benefits of LinkedIn Premium for Students

Numerous Benefits of LinkedIn Premiums for students can significantly impact their job search and professional development. The following are some major gains that students can anticipate from utilizing LinkedIn Premium:

  1. Having access to more internship and job posting opportunities: Students who use LinkedIn Premium have access to a greater selection of internship and job posts than non-premium users. According to LinkedIn, Premium users receive 3 times as many job insights and 2 times as many job listings as non-Premium users.
  2. The ability to view profile visitors: – One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn Premium for students maybe this. Students can customize their profiles to be more appealing to potential employers by having the option to know who has viewed them and receive feedback on how to make them better. According to LinkedIn, Premium users receive up to 27 times as many views on their profiles as non-Premium users.
  3. The ability to send direct messages to hiring managers and recruiters: With LinkedIn Premium, students can contact hiring managers and recruiters directly by sending InMail messages without first being connected to them. When it comes to networking and approaching possible jobs, this might completely transform the game. According to LinkedIn, Premium users receive three times as many InMail communications as non-Premium users.
  4. Discounts on Courses and Certifications: LinkedIn Premium subscribers get access to LinkedIn Learning, which provides a range of online courses and certifications to help students develop their skills and increase their marketability to employers. Students can save up to 50% on LinkedIn Learning courses when they subscribe to LinkedIn Premium.
  5. Free vs. Premium Feature Comparison: LinkedIn provides a thorough comparison of the features offered in the free vs. Premium edition of their platform. Students can use this to decide whether paying for Premium’s extra features and advantages is worthwhile.

Overall, LinkedIn Premium for students is a useful tool that can assist them in achieving their career objectives and standing out in the job market. Students may further their job search by having access to additional internships and job posts, seeing who has visited their profile, and being able to message recruiters and hiring managers directly. Additionally, students can improve their skills and increase their marketability to potential employers by taking advantage of the discounts on LinkedIn Learning courses and certifications.

How to Get LinkedIn Premium for Students

There are several options available to students who want to start utilizing LinkedIn Premium’s advantages. Here are some alternatives to think about:

1. Free Trial

  • – Before committing to a subscription, students can test out LinkedIn Premium’s features and perks during a free trial that lasts one month.

2.  Student Discount

  • -Students who are presently enrolled in a degree-granting institution can get a 50% discount on LinkedIn Premium. Students only need to sign up with their institution’s email address and confirm their enrollment to take advantage of this discount.

3.LinkedIn Premium for Education:

  • The company also provides a version of LinkedIn Premium that is tailored to the needs of educational organizations. This version gives users access to tools like career insights and LinkedIn Learning so they may advance their professional development.

4. Group Membership

  • Group memberships are an additional method of getting access to LinkedIn Premium. Group memberships, which can grant access to LinkedIn Premium and other premium features, are provided to students by some universities and organizations.

Students can access LinkedIn Premium in a variety of ways and benefit from its features. Students wishing to improve their job search and professional growth may find LinkedIn Premium to be a helpful resource, whether through a free trial, student discount, or group subscription.

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It for Students?

The choice to purchase LinkedIn Premium ultimately comes down to the individual student’s objectives and desired career path. However, there are a few crucial aspects to take into account when determining whether LinkedIn Premium is pricey:

  1. Job Search Needs: Students who are actively seeking employment may find that LinkedIn Premium’s advanced search filters, Career Insights, and Open Candidate features greatly facilitate their job search and improve their chances of discovering the ideal employment opportunity.
  2. Professional Development: Access to LinkedIn Learning and other educational resources through LinkedIn Premium may be helpful for students who want to improve their professional skills and knowledge.
  3. Networking: LinkedIn Premium can give students more tools for connecting with professionals in their selected sector and for networking..
  4. Price: Despite the fact that students receive a 50% discount on LinkedIn Premium, the cost should still be considered along with the user’s financial position and professional objectives.

The choice to purchase LinkedIn Premium for students is ultimately a personal one that should be based on the person’s needs and professional goals. However, LinkedIn Premium can be a helpful tool that might be well worth the investment for students who are actively seeking employment, seeking to advance their professional development, and interested in networking with professionals in their desired industry.

Potential Drawbacks of LinkedIn Premium

While using LinkedIn Premium for students has many advantages, there are a few potential drawbacks to take into account as well:

  1. Cost: – The price of LinkedIn Premium, as was already noted, can be a big deal for some students. Even with the student discount, some people would still find it to be an expensive burden.
  2. Limited Appreciation for Some Students: For students who aren’t actively looking for a job or who don’t appreciate the learning possibilities or networking opportunities provided by LinkedIn Premium, the price may not be appropriate.
  3. Learning Curve: Despite the fact that LinkedIn is typically easy to use, several of its premium features may have a steep learning curve that may pull time away from other important tasks.
  4. Time Commitment: Students who are juggling school, job, and other activities may find it challenging to devote the necessary amount of time to using LinkedIn Premium to its best potential.

Overall, while there may be some disadvantages to using LinkedIn Premium for students, those disadvantages pale in comparison to the advantages. Students should assess their own needs and objectives before deciding whether LinkedIn Premium is cost-effective.


Students who want to improve their networking, professional development, and job hunt will benefit from using LinkedIn Premium. LinkedIn Premium may give students the resources they need to excel in their professions with features like enhanced search filters, Career Insights, access to LinkedIn Learning, and other services. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers a student discount, making it a more affordable investment for students who are on a tight budget.

But before spending money on LinkedIn Premium, students should carefully consider their unique needs and objectives. While LinkedIn Premium can be a great tool for some, it might not be worthwhile for others to spend money on it. If deciding whether to purchase LinkedIn Premium, students should take into account their financial situation, professional development objectives, and job search requirements.

Overall, LinkedIn is a strong platform for students to advertise their skills, establish connections with experts in their target field, and locate employment prospects. Students who use LinkedIn Premium can advance their professional growth and improve their chances of success in their chosen fields.

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